The sereidees have their own language, one that has evolved at the pace of their aging, which is to say extremely slowly; by the time of Prima Materia, even among the sereidees themselves it has become a clunky, dated form of communication, increasingly abandoned in favor of the modern languages that facilitate trade and learning. Linguists will recognize in it elements of Sumerian and ancient Greek. (This is not my creation, btw; this is the handiwork of Dr. Olivier Simon, who worked with me off and on for the last few years to build the conlang and make it fang-friendly, that is, pronouncable even when one is about to bite.)

Most of the letters are pronounced as in English, with a few exceptions:

a, e, and i are pronounced as in Spanish or Italian
c is pronounced sh
g is pronounced as a hard g, as in give
j is pronounced as a soft g, as in general

Unless indicated by an accent `, the first syllable is stressed.

Want to see the language in action? Check out one of the posted glossaries, or try these phrases:

"He nejaina laleein felei"
The blood must speak / express itself

"Jalei saiad aèi"
There's always a hunter

"Cinak fefjeirnene"
A waste of a bite