cagè - captain.

cifet - advisor. The second who whispers in the ear of their master.

dangen, dangenes - family or house; that is, all the descendants of a particular sereides. There are nine dangenes in the world. The Berger are one of the five dangenes currently in Europe.

erin, erines - a human whose physiology had been altered by a transfusion of sereides’ or erin’s blood; what will later become known as a vampyr or vampire.

genètes - sire. The one whose blood is drunk by the human so as to enact the transformation.

Nagac - the mythical serpent that descended from the sky two millennia ago, whose blood transformed the first nine into sereidees.

Sereidenikè - the language of the sereidees. A thickly-syllabled tongue that evolves but slowly, much like its speakers.

sereides, sereidees - those who believe they carry the serpent’s blood in their veins. Sereidees possess unnatural degrees of longevity, strength, and subsist primarily on human blood consumed by piercing veins with long, retractable fangs. Many have patches of scales covering their spines, torsos, and faces, and brilles to protect their eyes.

Skìa - shadow. Also the name of the chosen agents of Gabriel Berger, both sereidees and erines, who dress all in black and enact his will throughout Europe. Depending on who you ask, their costume is either carefully calculated to intimidate, or because the Skìa are ponces who rely on show rather than skill, or both.

steji - stop! A command, usually uttered in terrible circumstances.

Taiart Gal - the Great Return. The foretold return of the Nagac, though why it would bother coming back remains a mystery.